“Pay up or die” scam hits SA – Times LIVE


Times LIVE has a warning about the new “Pay up or die” scam that has just hit South Africa

Possible sources of the information that the attacker uses to con you are:

  • Any publicly viewable emails/posts having your phone number in your signature you send to groups, forums.
  • social media profiles: facebook, linkedin, etc, your blog

The hit man claims to know where the person lives, works and shops. He vows to kill the recipient of the message unless he or she buys him off.

“The man has my phone number and knows where I live. He will kill me. I rather just pay him so I can sleep at night,” she said.

A senior lecturer in criminology and forensics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Dr Nirmala Gopal, said South Africans are paranoid about crime and the possibility of being murdered. Gopal added that people are more susceptible to 419 scams that are new.

Pay up or die scam hits SA – Times LIVE.

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