Android Voice Recognition Tutorial | Java Code Geeks

Rakesh Cusat from has written a tutorial on which I’ll be trying out to get to grips with the Voice Recognition API.

You may have heard about the “ Google Now project” where you give the voice command and Android fetches result for you. It recognizes your voice and converts it into the text or takes the appropriate action. Have you ever thought how is it done? If your answer is voice recognition API, then you are absolutly right. Recently while playing with Android voice recognition APIs, I found some interesting stuffs. APIs are really easy to use with application. Given below is a small tutorial on voice/speech recognition API. The final application will look similar to that of application shown below. The application may not work on the Android Emulator because it doesn’t support voice recognition. But the same can work on the phone.


via Android Voice Recognition Tutorial | Java Code Geeks.

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