Hello world!

It’s a journey. It’s 03:04 South African time. And it’s starting now.

Welcome to my NEW blog. At this stage it’s all a big, un-categorised, tagless, mess. I will make categories when I have posted, and I will post when I have thought. And this will be different from before, when I would just post. Wow, that was unintentionally dry and there will be plenty of that [personality] on this NEW blog.

I want this blog to evolve from nothingness to – well, we’ll see. It’s an experiment, a journey of self-discovery. I have only one goal: to post 150 100 50 a few [coherent] words [about anything] every single day. And to monitor writing as time progresses.

Mood now: Cautiously optimistic, tired, in need of change.

Career: Computer Engineer. Job: Software.
Married. Adopted kid. [adoption will be a big theme on this blog]
Love science, space, the amazing world.
I love technology ONLY insomuch as how it enhances human life.
Love scuba diving.
EXTREMELY dry sense of humour, completely unintentional.

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